Health and Safety Policy

In accordance with the Employee’s charter, LYN Group is committed to an operating philosophy based on fairness and concern for employees, customers and the communities in which it operate.

  • The following principles are fundamental to achieving the foregoing objectives:
  • Ensure that each task is accomplished efficiently with protective equipment and appropriate materials.
  • Establish measurable objectives through performance indicators in terms of frequency and through the reporting of health and safety events.
  • Empower employees, sub-contractors and members of management, of the importance of a safe and healthy workplace environment for everyone.
  • Promote initiatives to make the LYN Group a leader in health and safety.
  • Adopt across all levels, the respect of health and safety procedures as an individual and corporative objective.
  • The constant improvement of health and safety practices is a fundamental value for the LYN Group.

All employees shall be made aware of the foregoing objectives and principles and shall be required to incorporate and abide by the spirit of such objectives and principles in carrying out their responsibilities.

LYN Group is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure that the foregoing objectives and principles are fully achieved.


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